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About Us

Global Cellutions Distributors Inc., is a leading distributor of Consumer Electronics, General Merchandise, and Home Goods. We specialize in both wholesale and retail, to both consumers, and large corporations.

We strive to have competitive pricing, and around the clock staff to cater to the customers every needs. We house all our merchandise in our own warehouse in Burbank, California, and are physical stock holders of all merchandise. We provide fast and efficient products and service.

At Global Cellutions Distributors Inc., we believe in a very hands on approach with all customers, and reliability, and honesty is the forefront of our mission.

We continue to strengthen our company with increasing product lines, and ensuring to secure the best prices for customers.



“Honesty and integrity are the two most important virtues in a business.”

This is the mission of which the owner Greg Kiselyuk, instills in the workforce at Global Cellutions Distributors Inc.